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Gnomes and other normally shy hominids have been seen in public with increasing frequency over the last few centuries. Coming from the enchanted woods of Bimmula Raim, Garv and Rilka Glinrool were village herbalists until the main river was contaminated by a nearby human settlement. Since tracing the source to Southern Ontario in the early 1900s, Garv and Rilka have been wandering through the dark corners of cities playing traditional and experimental Taina and Unoknu Gnome music in an attempt to get humans to return to living harmoniously with the rest of nature.

“Gnomes Living in the Shadows of Humans” plays with the notion that mankind isn't the only conscious / creative being, and what information people can acquire from our non-human relatives. If there was a dialogue, what would the other thinking species of the world tell us? Our technological advances lead us to believe that we are better at creating the ideal lifestyle for our species but can this claim really hold true when we are constantly faced with scenarios of man made environmental disaster? In the pursuit of comfort, security, happiness, and knowledge, have we increased or decreased our chances for self preservation as a species? “Gnomes” provides an interactive, visually stimulating, and thought provoking display, speculating about how some of our closest relatives perceive us and our progress.